New beginnings….

I sold my house yesterday. I thought I would die in this house and that this would be my forever home. I love the land, the peace of mind it brought me, my location in Leelanau, and how the space developed over the last 10 years. But then I met the wonderful Mr. Bufka, and everything changed.

We didn’t really talk about much prior to eloping, like where we’d live, and just assumed it would somehow work out. Fortunately it has, but it was a long road for me to be willing to sell my house, and give up what had been my dream for so long.

We are very fortunate though, we were able to buy 6 acres next to Bob’s house, now known as Bufka West, and my house sold which allowed us to make some updates to Bufka West. I’ve had a lot of time away from my baking business, and have been thinking about classic favorites and some new things I’d like to do.

With the 6 acres I hope to plant a small area for flowers. Trying to do both a big garden and baking doesn’t work for just me, so I will mostly bake and hope to have cut flowers, eggs, jam, sewn goods, and whatever else makes sense. Life is always in progress, and so is my Red Gate Farm. We will keep the name, as we DO have a red gate by the chicken bus, and hope to pick up where I left off – just in a new location.

The couple who bought my place want to garden and have a farm stand, so I’m really grateful we found each other and were able to make the sale work. I wish them all good things and hope that when they are up and running my customers will support them as they’ve supported me.

Thanks to my customers for their patience and support, it’s been a helluva year with Bob breaking his leg in early January, to me selling the house yesterday. I’m cautiously optimistic about what remains in 2022, and enthusiastic about all of the possibilities in 2023!! Cheers and hope to see you very soon at: 2054 W Burdickville Road in Maple City!! Best, Andria

Published by Red Gate Farm Michigan

I'm a city girl living her dream of having a small farm in the country, living a simpler life and enjoying every minute of it! #auntbeawannabe

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