Baked Goods & Jam

Current status: March 25, 2020

Dear Friends, I’m opening on the weekends and selling bread, cinnamon rolls, and any other baked goods that I’m in the mood to bake or have been requested. This could include; monkey bread, coffee cake, lemon blueberry or chocolate buttermilk pound cakes, cookies, muffins, short cakes, bundt cakes in varying sizes, and apple cake with amaretto. I’m always trying new recipes and fine tuning a few favorites, so watch my Facebook page for the latest and greatest about what’s coming out to the stand that day.

In lieu of the stay in place order and state of affairs in the world, I’m asking that only 2 cars at a time park at the farm stand. I’m also reducing prices on baked goods in an attempt to help anyone who is nervous about financial stability. I’ve also offered that if you can’t pay now, please feel free to take one item during your visit, no questions asked.

I appreciate the newfound interest in the farm stand, Red Gate Farm and the Maple City Chicken Bus!! This is the time I would normally be preparing for the coming season by making jam, some baked goods, prepping the stand for sales, etc., so please be patient with me as I ramp up and figure out my cadence right now. I’m so grateful to my customers and happy to help anyone who needs it, just ask and I will do what I’m able!! Be well!! Peace, Andria

What’s coming out of the kitchen?

I often joke that I moved to Leelanau county to start a farm, and became a baker. My baked goods menu has expanded over the last 6 seasons, and I’ve been lucky to gain the support of many locals. Baked goods are sold year round to order, and all summer at the farm stand. Along with baked goods, I make jam from local, in season fruit. We hope you’ll stop by and see what we’ve got cooking!

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls
We be jammin’

The jam canned at Red Gate Farm is made from local, fresh fruit when it’s in season. We also freeze the fruit during peak freshness, and make jam in the spring so that we always have some available, even when the fruit isn’t in season. We offer many varieties, and hope you’ll stop by to try some this summer!

I’ve been canning jam this week from fruit that I freeze in the summer when it’s freshly picked. If you need jam, I’ve got mixed berry (blackberries, raspberries, & blueberries), cherry, cranberry apple and strawberry cranberry. The jams with cranberry have less sugar and are both sweet and tart. Jam sells for $5 a jar, give me a call if you’d like to pick some up with your egg or baked goods order!

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