Ramping Up!!

Hello Friends!! Wow, it’s been really busy trying to field calls, emails, Facebook messages and comments trying to keep up with questions and orders for the farm stand. This is normally my time to get ahead BEFORE my season starts. I’m grateful for the interest and business, but I’m going through my annual learning curve right now instead of during Memorial Day weekend.

I’m going to bake for the weekends, and work on yard/garden clean up and getting my seeds started during the week. There’s also tending to the chickens, cooking for the household, getting the dogs outside, and maintaining my social media posts so that everyone is informed. Keeping busy helps me stay focused, more so than when I don’t have a set schedule, but it’s a lot of work.

There’s been some recent interest in the Chicken Bus and farm stand, so there will be an interview/segment this week on 9&10 news, and I was interviewed for an article in the Leelanau Enterprise. Wow, it only took 6 years, but people know I’m here now. Thanks to anyone and everyone who has been commenting, promoting Red Gate, and telling their friends about what we’re doing here – I’m so grateful to everyone! And a huge thank you to my regulars, some of you have been coming to my stand since I opened, and I really appreciate that support. There have been other people who I’ve gotten to know recently and the kind words, words of wisdom, and support helps me get through tough times or when I’m feeling worried. What a great community to take a leap of faith in – God bless Leelanau county and its residents!

I won’t force much more, today I’m not feeling terribly insightful – but I am feeling grateful and hopeful for a coming together of community, a feeling of belonging and taking care of each other, and amazed at the human spirit and how people have tried to help each other in so many ways during this very difficult time. Be well and stay safe everyone – I’m praying for health, peace and happiness now and always for my family, friends and community. Peace, Andria

Published by Red Gate Farm Michigan

I'm a city girl living her dream of having a small farm in the country, living a simpler life and enjoying every minute of it! #auntbeawannabe

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