Life as I’ve imagined it

Today a reporter from 9&10 news came to interview me about the Chicken Bus and what I’m doing at Red Gate Farm. It was a bit more detailed than my last interview and I had to really think about some of the questions she asked. The segment won’t air for at least a week, but below is something she asked that got me thinking.

What is something I wanted to tell people that she hadn’t asked? I mentioned the sign on my farmstand that says, “live the life you’ve imagined”. Not everyone desires to farm or keep chickens, but everyone has dreams and desires. Do you want to learn French, or how to quilt? Maybe take an art class? Hike the Grand Canyon? We all have dreams and desires that we don’t always pursue, but we should. Not everyone can quit a job to pursue a dream like starting a farm, but they can take a class, spend weekends doing what they love, or find like minded people and create or join a group enjoying whatever it is they like to do.

I had raised garden beds at my old house in the city when I worked in the auto industry. It wasn’t a farm, but my neighbors enjoyed it and a few of them started gardens. It was the start of me pursuing my dreams. My mom has had a few different hobbies since retiring; jewelry making, creating photo canvases, greeting cards, sewing and making clothes, and she had a community garden at her house for a few years. These are all things she enjoys, and she wasn’t afraid to try something new, she embraced it. Mom even sold some of these items during the years she was able to spend the summer with me.

During these uncertain times, why don’t you pick up that book, cookbook, paint brush, fabric, packet of seeds, or whatever moves YOU to find a little peace and enjoyment in your life. Do it, try it, and ENJOY!!!

I hope you will find something new or comforting to pursue in the coming days and weeks…… Peace, Andria

Published by Red Gate Farm Michigan

I'm a city girl living her dream of having a small farm in the country, living a simpler life and enjoying every minute of it! #auntbeawannabe

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