Strange times

As the coronavirus is categorized as a global pandemic, travel is restricted, college campuses are closing, and whole countries are being quarantined. The stock market has had a major correction in the past few weeks, and I’m nervous about how much my 401K is down, even though I knew we were due for a correction.

As the media, both news and social, post everything from the virus is overblown because of the election, to start limiting physical contact and touching, I ponder what this can mean for my family, friends and community. My mom has been undergoing treatment for cancer since August 2019 and lives in a large city (Phoenix), so naturally she’s the one I think about first. I have an aunt who lives in California that may need a kidney transplant soon and I worry about her. My significant other smokes, so I worry about him because I’ve read that the virus is especially tough on those with compromised lungs. Then, selfishly, I worry about people not traveling to our region in the summer, which is what many of us depend on to make some money during those key 6-8 weeks of a Pure Michigan summer.

This morning I read a post/article by a woman living in Wuhan, China and how the quarantine has impacted her family, and how the community has come together during these unsettling times. She spoke of everything slowing down, the family reconnecting, and people coming together and getting to know each other as they never would have without these extreme circumstances. Her attitude was encouraging, and her words made me reflect on my own life and attempt to slow down and enjoy life a little more. She spoke of reading more than they ever had, actually hearing birds without the traffic, and pooling resources with neighbors to keep living their lives with some sense of normalcy.

I think about all of this and pray for family and friends around the world. I pray that we all stay healthy, and if we aren’t that we heal from whatever ails us. I pray that we find peace and happiness in the little things in life, and enjoy aspects of our day that we maybe take for granted. I pray that we find the strength to be kind to ourselves and each other, and take the opportunity to slow down a little if so forced to. And I pray for our communities to come together, in spite of any differences, and support each other as neighbors should. I’m fortunate to be able to be at home right now, and for this I’m incredibly grateful. Sending good thoughts out in the world to all of you – along with positive juju!

Peace, Andria

Published by Red Gate Farm Michigan

I'm a city girl living her dream of having a small farm in the country, living a simpler life and enjoying every minute of it! #auntbeawannabe

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