Well, clumsy me took yet another spill walking down the front steps and slipping on ice that I assumed was just slush. Swoosh, I hit the ground hard and my head bounced a little. The good (actually my doc would say BAD) news is that I have quite a bit of natural insulation, so the tailbone pain I’m feeling is likely less than it would have been if I were a skinny little waif.

In other news, I’ve sold a kitchen corner bench to make room for 2 tables I’ll use for storage and to organize the mixers, other appliances, bundt pans, cookie sheets, etc. so that my kitchen is more user friendly for the coming season. Now that the corner bench sold, we just have to haul the two 61 lb boxes in from the garage so I can assemble them and get going. (that’s after I sit on a heating pad tonight while my back and rear absorb the Aleve I just took)

I’ve been in the kitchen making jam this week and have about 5 dozen jars of jam so far. I still have cherries, peaches and strawberries in the freezer, so I’ll continue making the jam to try to get ahead for summer. Once the double ovens are installed, I’ll switch to making cookie dough and cakes that can be frozen. So much to do……

With people not traveling as much right now, I’m concerned that the summer may not be as busy as usual. Last summer I started hosting on Airbnb, and I hope that people still visit the region. I’ll add a link to the Airbnb listing when I open it up for the season, but it’s called “Red Gate Farm Studio Apartment” if you want to take a look.

The last thing on my mind is starting seeds. It’s been unusually warm, but I don’t want to start seeds too early only to see them die. I’m tempering my desire to get in the greenhouse and the date. I think if I wait another week or two, I may be able to comfortably get going with starting my seeds.

Hope you’re enjoying my website. I’m adding to it as I have time. Drop me a note if you have any questions or comments! Andria

Published by Red Gate Farm Michigan

I'm a city girl living her dream of having a small farm in the country, living a simpler life and enjoying every minute of it! #auntbeawannabe

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