The Dogs

Meet Ella and Duncan

Our first road trip together….
Duncan and Ella

At Red Gate Farm, we love dogs!! We have the yard fenced because Ella was hit by a car in 2013, so we want to keep them safe and let them roam on over an acre. Ella loves the beach, and Duncan is learning to walk on a leash after living most of his life outside on a chain. They are very friendly, but love to bark when visitors arrive at the farm stand or end of the driveway. They love other dogs, so stop by and say hello with your dog friendly dogs!

Duncan loves the snow
Ella at the beach

Ella was a rescue that I adopted at 4 months old, in October of 2011. Duncan was a dog that I started to “foster” in April of 2019, and adopted shortly after bringing him home. The vet estimated that he was about 4 years old. He integrated into our pack very quickly, and we were so happy that he joined us.

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